About Us


Service King International was founded in March of 2015 as a service center for American based companies. Hiring only English and Spanish speakers, SKI is able to provide a solid sales, marketing, support and operations team to USA companies. SKI hires workers with a strong work ethic, an understanding of the customers target audience, and the ability to learn and understand the products they are servicing.

The office, which started with just a small team, quickly turned into a full office of dedicated sales reps and account specialists. At the end of July 2015, SKI expanded their Jerusalem office to 60 work stations. Designed by Efrat Yosef, the new office space mixes modern design, worker privacy and open space to create a healthy and positive work environment. SKI prides itself as being a professional work environment, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere

The results lived up to our expectations: Telesales Services on very short notice aligned us with a call center that proved to be a cost effective outsourcing solution for expanding our business.

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